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General Rules

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Fingernails are to be cut short or gloves are to be worn, these are available from the counter.

Game Fees
Game fees must be paid to the counter by the team captain, prior to taking the court.  When the game fees are paid the captain will be given the bibs and will tick off the registration form, bibs must be returned to the counter immediately after the game.

Game Times
The earliest start time for a game is 5.30pm weekdays (Adult Leagues). However you are asked on our entry form what the earliest time your team can play is. We realise not everyone can be ready to play by 5.30pm. The latest game time will normally be 9.35pm. Teams who can play 5.30 games will not have games after 9.00/9.15 respectively. Please be ready to go on the court at your allocated start time so that our games can run on time.

Players may be penalised for intimidation and for deliberately moving into another players landing space. 
Players will not be allowed to take the court in an intoxicated state; unsporting behaviour or foul language will not be tolerated.
Players may be sent off at the umpire’s discretion. Any player who is sent off or sin binned twice in a competition will not qualify to play in semis and finals.

Competition Points
6 points for a win
6 points for a draw
2 points if you lose
2 points if full payment is received before the game

A point’s table will be kept in the café area and on can be found here. Discrepancies must be queried at the counter or by phoning or emailing the arena manager. If the score is not correct it must be queried.  After a week all scores are deemed to be correct.

Disputes & Suggestions
Any disputes may be lodged with the night manager or the arena manager.Night managers and the arena manager will gratefully accept any constructive suggestions.

The Arena is smoke free.  Smoking is permitted outside only.

Send mail to webmaster@isa

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